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Q-Mark Fire Doors

Fire doors of varying designs faced in ply, veneer, laminate or metal.


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One Stop Joinery can provide non-fire rated, 30 and 60 minute fire doors which are tested to Q Mark Standard, British Standard BS476 part 22 by BM Trada Ltd.

 We are members of the B M TRADA Ltd. Q – Mark Scheme and have a comprehensive scope to enable us to offer doors of varying designs whether they are faced in ply, veneer, laminate or metal

We are able to complete door sets or just the door leaves only. All single doors sets are supplied fully assembled with the door pre hung in its frame, all double doors sets are also fully assembled and then disassembled for ease of transport. All glazing is factory fitted in accordance with the certification. Ironmongery will be fitted to the doors in the workshop (where practical) to ensure that the fire integrity is not compromised in any way.

We supply fire doors to Airports, Schools, Hotels and Assisted Living accommodation.

Certified Fire Door Manufacturer

We are members of the BM TRADA Ltd Q-Mark Scheme and have a comprehensive scope to enable us to offer doors of varying designs whether they are faced in Ply, Veneer, Laminate or Metal

Q Mark Fire Doors

Our Fire Doors are rated for FD30 and 60 minute classifications and are all manufactured on site in our workshops. We are an accredited company of BM Trade Certificate Number: 098 which you can find on the BM Trade Website. Here is a link to our accreditation that appears on the BM Trade website. 

One Stop Joinery - Fire Door Manufacturer

What is an FD30 Fire Door?

FD30 fire doors are resistant to fire for a 30 minutes time period. Manufacturers are certified in accordance with the BMtrade Certification to enable the manufacture of the fire doors to BS Standards.

What is the BS Standard for FD30 and FD60 Fire Doors?

BS 476 Part 22 is the British Standard for the manufacturing specifications for Fire Doors here in the UK. This is correct to October 2022. Please note that standards are changed and evolve over time.

Can I install fire doors myself?

A FD30 Fire Door, which means the door is manufactured to withstand 30 minutes of fire. Installed incorrectly however an FD30 fire door will not provide the necessary protection, and could mean as little as only a few minutes of protection. It is always recommended that a person with the correct experiencve and knowledge installs fire doors.


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