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Q Mark Fire Doors

One Stop Joinery are a Q Mark Fire Doors registered manufacturer of fire door sets. All our Q Mark doors are bespoke and are made to your sizes. We offer 30- and 60-minute certification and all our door sets come with a data-sheet listing the sizes and components used within the making of the door set. So if you were to need anything replacing in the future then it would be easy to reference the datasheet and order the correct part

Fire-rated external door sets are becoming more and more essential. Whether it is for a front entrance to a flat within a block of apartments or storage areas that require a secure fire-rated room, such as electrical riser cupboards. These can come pre-finished in any colour, so no decorating is needed after fitting.

Commercial Q Mark Fire Doors and Screens

Aspire Edinburgh Entrance Fire doors
Edinburgh Airport Entrance

Where replacement fire doors are needed in commercial buildings, we can match veneers and vision panels so that the new doors match all the existing ones, and if the existing ironmongery is to be re-used, we can fit that too.

If an area is high use, we have our own certification to manufacture a door which has a 200mm wide full height stainless steel push plate on both sides of the door. This wraps around the leading edge of the door, giving it protection from any knocks and damage. Locks can still be fitted between each push plate, along with flush bolts when a pair of doors is required.

30 Min Fire Doors
Aspire Lounge Luton Airport

All door sets are manufactured with the door hung in the frame, fire seals, glazing, locks, closers, and any other ironmongery required factory fitted.

Internal doors within glazed screens are now more popular than ever in people’s homes, these can be made to match other doors within the house, or fully glazed which gives an open feel to any entrance hallway, these can be made in a variety of timbers, oak, walnut, or tulipwood, and can equally look good painted as well as polished. The screens can be simple in design or can be made to include fluted columns or incorporating the architrave.

Cobham School Fire Doors
Cobham School Double Fire Door set

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